The RED Team is the difference between so-so and extraordinary results

InterimExecs RED Team is an elite group of top executives who have stellar track records growing and fixing company after company. Whether you are facing big problems or untapped opportunity, we give you access to true operators who set strategy and take action to get you there, so your plan doesn’t get stuck on a dusty shelf.

Give Us Your Toughest Challenge & We’ll Match You With an Executive or Team to Solve It

Quickly Growing

Your growth strategies worked and now you need expert leaders to help you scale to the next level.

Revenue & Earnings Down

You need to find the root cause of trouble, then solutions to get your revenue growth back on the upward curve.

Leadership Missing

Life happens. Your current leadership abruptly leaves due to poor performance, illness, a new role, etc.

Discover how interim executives grow, improve operational efficiency, or repair your organization.

Two-Years, $6M Losses: Reversed!

“The investment in an interim has proved to be paid back and then some. The company has been profitable and the potential for new markets are close-at-hand.”
-Chris Caratan, Owner, Styrotek
The InterimExecs team hit the center of the bull’s eye in finding just the right person for us. We’re now working with him on two other companies. I should probably have InterimExecs on my speed dial.”
-Joelle Marquis, Partner, Arsenal Capital Partner

Draw on Executives with Big Experience at Companies Like:

Leveraging Outsourced Senior Executives Around the Globe

What is interim management?

Interim management is the rapid deployment of top senior managers and executives - sometimes in a matter of days - to help organizations navigate crucial changes, leadership gaps, or operational upgrades. At some point, every organization faces a major transition or undergoes change and transformation to technology, finance, marketing, or operations. The interim executive - whether a CFO, COO, CMO, CIO - navigates and implements these changes, trains an internal candidate or helps recruit the permanent replacement to step into the role, or grows the company to point of exit.

When does a fractional executive make sense?

Fractional executives are leveraged by companies on an on-demand and part-time basis. For organizations that do not yet have resources for full-time executives or that do not need a fully dedicated executive in the role, a fractional executive is a great alternative, giving companies access to top senior executives for a fraction of the cost. Whether a part-time CFO or a fractional CIO, organizations still get hands-on leadership and can scale up or scale back time as needed.

How can interims work alongside the current management team on big projects?

As companies grow, launch new products, and venture into new markets, they often find that permanent management maxes out on bandwidth to carry out these big initiatives. Management teams can draw on specific expertise and capabilities with interim and project-based executives, who jump into a company temporarily until a project is brought to completion. Interim executives might work with the permanent management team on projects like:

- A project-based CIO to serve alongside the global CIO in completing a new technology implementation
- A COO to carry out process improvement or get a new manufacturing facility up and running as part of global expansion
- A project-based CFO to complete a merger or acquisition
Management teams can breathe easy knowing that on-demand expertise is available.

What is the length of interim executive assignments?

The length of an interim assignment is usually a few months to over a year, but it completely depends on the needs of the company. For example, an unexpected executive vacancy could mean an interim is on board 6-9 months while a permanent search is taking place. A private equity firm may want to grow a company to prepare it for sale, which could take 2 – 3 years. Or a corporation undergoing a technology transformation, may bring on an executive for the project duration.

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