The Best Private Equity Funds Have
Rock Star Company Leadership

Strong leadership sounds obvious but tell that to the bottom quartile funds. They thought their executives were okay. So, what do you do when you know you need better company leadership?

InterimExecs partners with private equity funds to provide an on-demand bench of operational executives who can help maximize the return on your investment. This is RED: Rapid Executive Deployment™

How Can Your Portfolio Companies Grow Better, Faster?

Most private equity fund managers are familiar with turnaround specialists who cuts costs and shed assets. Sure, yes, there are go-to resources when a problem comes up.  But the world is a much more sophisticated place, and the best private equity funds do far more with interim and project-based leadership with an eye on rapid growth and success, boosting performance in all aspects of your portfolio company from sales to marketing to finance.

Think about an on-call Chief Operating Officer more skilled in operational improvement than anyone on the current management team who makes critical upgrades. Think about a Chief Information Officer far more capable of upgrading IT systems – but on a project basis, without adding to permanent overhead. Every aspect of operations can become the source of improvement.

There’s always a gap somewhere; whether it’s the controller or CFO, or whether you need a head of sales or president, there’s usually a gap.

-Douglas Song, co-founder of Prodos Capital Management

Access to Top Interim Executives Around the World

A different approach to a private equity executive search firm, InterimExecs spent ten years screening over 5,000 executives, ranking and scoring each executive based on their track record, mindset, and leadership approach. We chose only the best few to form what we call the RED Team, a go-to team of top operating executives across operations, finance, technology, marketing and sales.

With the RED Team on-call, we can act fast to make the right match when an investor or management team requests leadership. Think of it as your outsourced bench of operating partners. We call it Rapid Executive Deployment.

Whether you are looking for a leader to assess a potential investment (and even run it if the transaction goes through) or are trying to grow a company to maximum value in preparation for exit, we will work to connect you with an Interim CEO, Interim CFO, Interim CIO, or other C-suite leader with the right expertise. RED Team executives have a wide range of experience, with over 50% having run private equity portfolio companies.

We look for a business where we know before we buy that we could do X, Y and Z to improve the operations of the company and get a return for our investors.

-Paul Pickard, Managing Director, Stewart Capital Management

Private Equity Portfolio Company Services

Each stage of your portfolio company requires different touch points, cadence, and skill sets. We look at your business with an owner’s perspective to match you with interim executives or implementation teams that bring speed, skill, quick decision making, and results.


•Merger, acquisition, divestiture
•Succession and exit planning
•Positioning for maximum sale price
•Due diligence & preparation
•Acquisition integration


•Financial reporting
•Budgeting & forecasting
•Technology roadmap
•Software implementation
•Business and process outsourcing


•Business strategy and modeling
•Program management office (PMO)
•Systems & supply chain optimization
•Workflow design
•Sales process & CRM infrastructure

7 Questions Every PE Fund

Should Ask Of Their Investments

  • Is everyone at the company aligned with the strategic plan?
  • How do you intend to achieve your cash-on-cash return hurdle – by organic growth or acquisitions? Expansion into new markets or innovating new products?
  • Is the company’s financial reporting clear – do you know cash flow and margin generated by product line?
  • Where can you cut expenses due to operational inefficiencies?
  • Is the right executive in place to produce the results?
  • Is your portfolio company fully leveraging technology?
  • Are you gaining customers and market share faster than competition?

Today we’re at $2.4 billion in capital. We have 20 companies, $3.5 billion in revenue, 18,000 employees approximately, and we are really growth equity investors. We do that through two ways: primarily better operations improving EBIDTA or cash flow, and acquisitions is the other half. That’s our primary growth engine

-Greg Jones, Partner, The Edgewater Funds


The RED Team includes top private equity executives with complimentary skillsets (CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, CMO, CSO) who have run B2B and B2C companies from startup to F500 across a range of industries such as:

• Internet and SaaS
• Software
• Technology
• Healthcare

• Med Device
• Hospital
• Consumer products
• Manufacturing

• Distribution
• Business Services
• Nonprofit
• Education

• Food
• Retail
• Energy & Chemical
• Media