Transform Your Business with
Powerful Interim CEO Talent

An Interim CEO Brings Proven Expertise

An experienced Interim CEO comes into your company having already completed a wide array of successful engagements affording them the laser vision needed to cross industries, tackle multiple challenges, and positively impact your business quickly.

An Interim CEO Makes Financial Sense

With a focus on implementation and execution, an Interim CEO is accountable for results. Companies can access top executive talent without the cost of benefits packages, long term contracts, severance, and other perks associated with a full time hire. Instead the focus is on solving challenges immediately, so a company can realize a positive financial impact.

An Interim CEO Is Available Immediately

A full-time search process can be long, and costly. An Interim CEO can fill the gap immediately while speeding the search along. Whether the permanent CEO has exited; or tactical or strategic help is needed; or market demand requires the management team to expand fast – an Interim CEO can parachute in immediately.

Access the Power of an Interim CEO

More companies are turning to interim executives to improve performance in a global economy that demands immediate excellence. An Interim CEO can:

  • Provide required strategic or tactical help
  • Assist a company in distress or crisis, when days and hours count
  • Replace departing CEO and guide permanent CEO during transition
  • Launch new initiative, product or service
  • Offer additional leadership bandwidth during transition
  • Access resources or professional partnership to address client needs
  • Provide transformational leadership in a fast changing market

Lyle Banks

“A true Interim CEO unlocks the potential within an organization and leaves it better engaged and better performing than before.”

Lyle Banks Interim CEO
David Johnson

“Experienced interim leaders are able to ramp up immediately, as they are truly ‘hit the ground running’ types.”

David Johnson Turnaround Executive
Mona Pearl

“An interim CEO serves as a mentor, a mediator, a fact finder and an implementer.  We are expected ‘to be there for people’ but also to execute and get bottom-line results.”

Mona Pearl Interim CEO, COO, CMO
Yoav Cohen

“An interim executive’s talents and expertise are unique to the project at hand. An Interim CEO can complete the assignment and assist the company to find a permanent replacement with different skill sets.”

Yoav Cohen Interim CEO, CFO
Dick Lindenmuth

“Interim CEOs are experts at ‘active listening’ and understand that 80% of the solutions for moving forward reside within the company.”

Dick Lindenmuth Interim CEO
Eric Kish

“It can be 6 months to land on a good full time CEO candidate, and by then the situation might deteriorate. An interim exec can go in quickly, establish credibility and be hands on leading a company.”

Eric Kish Interim CEO