Meet The Team

The voice of interim executives globally.

Robert Jordan
Robert Jordan Founder & CEO

Robert Jordan has launched companies and helped other owners and investors build their companies for 25+ years. After founding the first Internet-coverage magazine in the world, Online Access, and landing on the Inc 500 list of fastest-growing companies, Jordan sold the magazine and began taking on interim CEO gigs. High multiple company sales and IPOs followed. In 2007 he started an online network for interim executives around the globe, expanding to 2,300 executives from 45 countries. Jordan then co-founded InterimExecs, helping owners and investors with powerful leadership on demand through InterimExecs RED Team (Rapid Executive Deployment). Jordan is author of How They Did It: Billion Dollar Insights from the Heart of America, and publishing partner for Start With No, Jim Camp’s bestselling book and audio on negotiation.

Olivia Wagner
Olivia Wagner Founder & President

Olivia Wagner co-founded InterimExecs and directs the organization, matching owners and investors with powerful leadership on demand through InterimExecs RED Team (Rapid Executive Deployment). Olivia previously built the interimCEOinterimCFO network from a home-grown website to a robust social network with thousands of members. She directed publication of various ebook, website, and marketing initiatives and edited How They Did It: Billion Dollar Insights from the Heart of America. In conjunction with the book Olivia led a national event series, the Entrepreneurial Bash, which drew hundreds of attendees and over 30 co-hosting organizations.

Paula Saban
Paula Saban Development Director

Paula Saban brings 25 years of success in the financial services industry to the Association. As Development Director, Paula works closely with companies, private equity funds and top interim executives around the globe. She serves on the board of one of the largest non-traded real estate investment trusts in the US which invests primarily in retail properties around the country. Prior to the Association she was Senior Vice President at Bank of America, and is part-owner in a family business since 1996.

Hannah Toriumi-Frageman
Hannah Toriumi-Frageman Executive Assistant

Hannah Toriumi-Frageman joined the InterimExecs team in 2016. Prior to that glorious day in May, she worked for a major casting agency, as well as a food and beverage startup, where she learned the importance of an agile team. Working her way from Starbucks gopher to CRM overhauls, Hannah earned her stripes in the way of administrative toil. Hannah comes from a background in the performing arts world, and is an ensemble member of The Gift Theatre in Chicago. Olivia and Bob definitely hired her for her witty repartee. 😊

Greg Voutsos
Greg Voutsos Head of Operations and Client Engagement

Greg joined InterimExecs in 2020 and leads the operations and client engagement for the team. Prior to InterimExecs, Greg spent over five years across consulting, venture capital, and an incubated software startup within the venture capital’s parent organization. He has proven success in a variety of roles, such as project management, portfolio evaluation, and product development. Outside of work, Greg volunteered for several years, from Director to President, with the all-volunteer, educational nonprofit Minds Matter Chicago. Greg has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Michigan.