How Your Business Can Survive During Crisis Times

InterimExecs RED Team – an elite C-suite team – specializes in crisis solutions, guiding companies to respond, act, and solve problems in a time when businesses from manufacturing to retail are struggling to survive.

Keep your business afloat and come out stronger than before with a fresh action plan from RED Team turnaround experts.

There is no one approach that will work for all businesses facing zero revenue. What works for one might not be applicable to another. The common denominator is action. The answer may not be readily apparent, but it does exist.

Phil Schiavoni, InterimExecs RED Team Turnaround CEO

How It Works

Engage a RED Team executive for a Crisis Guidance Consult. Leverage an expert perspective to help you construct a better roadmap to survive a downturn and create a brighter future.

  • 1


    Confidential discussion to lay out your assets, challenges, & opportunities

  • 2


    Connect with a RED Team executive & complete a brief company questionnaire

  • 3

    RED Team

    60-minute brainstorming & immediate insights from an executive turnaround expert

  • 4


    Continued brainstorming and support to form and implement an action plan

The Common Denominator is Action

Interim executives on the RED Team specialize in parachuting into troubled companies to stop the bleeding, make new plans, implement, and bring rapid results. Tackle your most pressing problems:

  • What dangers need to be addressed first?
  • How do you manage capital to preserve cash?
  • What do you do if your banker called your loan?
  • How do you continue to pay employees if revenues fell, or are layoffs inevitable?
  • When you get out of this, what are the three or four things you need to do that you haven’t done before?

Learn more about executive turnaround services, or get started with a confidential discussion with InterimExecs to schedule your Crisis Guidance Consult today. Call us at +1 (847) 849-2800 or contact us here:

In a zero revenue environment, time combined with inactivity will deplete available cash and capital reserves and the outcome becomes inevitable. Take action. It may not be perfect, but perfection is not the goal. Survival is.

Phil Schiavoni, InterimExecs RED Team Turnaround CEO

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Coronavirus or some other crisis is not going to defeat you. We have seen leaders do what is necessary to save their company, protect it and their employees, and make it thrive. These are uncertain times, but we will band together and InterimExecs is committed to being a resource to owners, investors, and management teams trying to figure out how to move forward and come out stronger than before.

– Robert Jordan, CEO, InterimExecs