Chat With Expert CIOs: Top Ways You Should Be Leveraging Technology to Grow Your Business

If you couldn’t attend, we’ve got the full webinar available on-demand!

Chat with Expert CIOs: Top Ways You Should Be Leveraging Technology to Grow Your Business

December 3, 2019

Whether you are selling software, a consumer good, or a manufactured product, the best executive leaders and owners ask themselves how technology can drive current and future growth.

In this webinar two expert CIOs, David Mitchelhill and Kevin Malover, shared the top ways you should be thinking about technology as we prepare to jump into 2020.

In this webinar, we covered innovative ways to:

  • Drive new customers
  • Create efficiencies within your operations
  • Leverage data with new methods
  • Stay ahead of the curve with pressing security threats that you should be thinking about right now

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David Mitchelhill, Interim CIO and CTO 

CIO and CTO with 35+ years leading the development, commercialization, and implementation of technologies across major industry sectors from finance and banking, government, and new media. David grew Vivid Studio from $12 million to $184 million in one year when it was acquired by Modem Media (now part of Digitas). Since then David has served in many interim roles for organizations such as the UK government where he led a £3.2 billion contract to integrate the Criminal Justice System, Arriva where he integrated multiple acquisitions to transport 1.5 billion passengers across Europe, and online retailer, BuyVIP where he upgraded operational and logistics systems across Europe to then be acquired by Amazon. David holds 14 patents in databases and software, speaks multiple European and Asian languages and trains international executives in operating offshore and in different cultures.

Kevin Malover, Interim CIO

An on-demand Chief Information Officer providing advisory services, strategic planning, interim and project leadership. Prior to taking on interim assignments, Kevin was CIO and EVP of Strategy at Transdev, a global transformation company. He has also served in roles including CIO of GTCR, a leading private equity firm, where he rebuilt the IT team and digitally transformed the back office with new infrastructure as well as CTO for the 2007/2008 Obama for America campaign where he developed the online platform that ushered in a new digital era in presidential fundraising. Kevin was a member of the founding management team at Orbitz where he served as Chief Information Officer. He led the launch and explosive growth of the popular online travel, quickly attracting over a million visitors per day.