Donald L Simons

Interim CEO, COO, Turnaround

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I have extensive multi-organizational experience assisting financially troubled VC companies.

1. Engineered a financial turnaround of a technology company in the national telecommunication business.
2: Formulated a comprehensive structure for a competitive bidding process.
3: Successfully salvaged, built and sold the telecommunications software company to a publicly-traded global firm.

Experiences include product management, business development, sales, marketing, quality assurance, documentation development, strategic partnering, planning, as well as the formalisms that apply to the patenting, trade marking, and licensing of the IP itself.

I can turn one of your businesses into a biddable asset by application of these core competencies:
A: Developing and executing a viable company strategy for maximization of shareholder and financial value of each company.
B: Stabilizing and/or turning around one of the software companies in the portfolio.
C: Evaluate, reposition and implement monetization strategies for underperforming intellectual property.
D: Reach out to global partners and enterprises to offer licensing opportunities in specific fields of use that leverage off the IP.
E: Preparing, packaging and managing the sale of each company through the acquisition lifecycle.

Experienced management with a successful track record is essential for equity-backed ventures in this volatile environment.


Company Stage Focus: Startup, Early Stage, Late Stage Venture Funded, Private Equity Backed, Turnaround/Distressed, Public, Private, Family Owned


Saved $3.3 million of Venture Capitalists investment by turning company around.

Software Company

Established and implemented new programs and processes which resulted in a leaner, streamlined, effective organization while maintaining $4 million of software maintenance revenue.


Spearheaded the successful consolidation of operations, closing unprofitable offices and running operations from one centralized location

Company Sale

Spearheaded the packaging of the company, selected an investment banker and negotiated the sell to a publicly traded company.

Software Development Methodologies

Implemented software development life cycle methodologies in order to fix the past-due and over-budget Tele-Management software development projects. Managed the creation of new versions every 14 months.


• TelSoft Solutions, Inc.
• MTS Integratrak North America
• Strategic Software, Inc


• Ocean Technology, Inc.
• TelSoft Solutions, Inc.
• Strategic IP, Inc
• Decision Support Consultants, Inc.

Years Executive Experience: (17)
# of Interim Roles: (3)
# of Board Roles: (3)
Company Size: (<$100k-$20M)

• Board Advisory
• Audits
• Debt and Refinancing
• Turnaround: Bankruptcy
• Corporate Finance
• Turnaround: Distress
• Offshore Development
• Outsourcing
• Planning/Modeling/Execution
• Process Improvement
• Business Development
• Budget, Cost & Internal Controls
• Business Valuation
• Risk Management
• Contract Negotiation
• Corporate Development
• Corporate Governance
• Building a Management Team
• Joint Ventures
• Acquisition Integration
• M&A – Company Sale
• B2B Marketing
• Brand Management
• Guerilla Marketing
• Public Relations
• Social Media
• Marketing Strategy
• Cost
• Cycles/Response
• Distribution

• Alternative Energy
• Automotive
• Banking
• Emerging Technologies
• Engineering
• Information Services
• Investment Banking/Mergers and Acquisitions
• Management Consulting
• New Product Development
• Private Equity and Venture Capital
• Professional Services
• SaaS and Cloud Computing
• Software Development/AI
• Staffing and Recruiting
• Telecommunications
• Telecommunications Services
• Turnaround