The Best Fit Match Matrix™ Connects You With Top Executives Ready for Action

So many people talk… and nothing gets done. Nada. While a traditional executive placement firm sprays out job postings, our Rapid Executive Deployment™ Program (RED) quickly matches you with execs who specialize in growing and transforming companies.

What Is the RED Team?

InterimExecs’ RED Team is the on-call SWAT team for owners, investors, private equity funds and board members who see big challenges and opportunities within their company. Tasks or roles so important they call for immediate expert leadership.

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A Rigorous Screening Process

Only the most accomplished executives  (CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, CIO, CSO) are invited to join the RED Team based on proven track records bringing extraordinary results to companies.  InterimExecs has screened 5,000+ executives over the years, and our process selects the top 2% of interim, project and fractional executives for on-call deployment.

A Full Bench Gives You Peace of Mind

This is not your typical executive placement. Every RED Team executive is backed by a bigger vetted team of executives with experience spanning a wide range of industries, specialties and company stage to ensure you are positioned for success.

Proprietary Matching Process

Think of us like Hollywood agent to the executive stars. We give you access to top executive talent and work to match you with the right individual or team for the role through our proven Rapid Executive Deployment® Program. Search services are free to companies.

How It Works:
Rapid Executive Deployment™ Program

  • 270 Evaluation
  • Green Light
  • Candidate Review
  • SOW
  • Deployment

Assess Where You Want to Go

We begin with the 270 Evaluation, our assessment to determine the best skills, background, and resources needed to take you to where you want to go.

Match With Individual Executives or a Team

Once you give us the green light – meaning we understand the executive or resources needed – we match you with a solo executive or team based on a proprietary process called the Best Fit Match Matrix©, which takes 9 key criteria into account to make the best recommendation possible.

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Review Candidates

Conversations with an executive(s) allow you to decide if they are the right leader to tackle the challenge, whether its helping speed up growth, expand into new markets, fix declining businesses, upgrade technology, brand or rebrand, or optimize current operations and processes.

A Statement of Work to Fit Your Needs

We work with the company and executive to draw up a contract that includes a statement of work that defines how the executive best serves the company, executives, team members, board members, and shareholders.

Rapid Deployment

Once the contract is completed, it’s off to the races, and an executive can be on site as soon as possible to get to work, looking at your organization, and taking actions to get you results.

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