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Our executive placement division provides interim and fractional executive talent to owners, management teams, and investors who need help tackling big challenges or untapped opportunities.

We Match You With Executives Who Specialize in Transformation



What got you to this point will not get you to the next stage of growth.



Revenues are declining or you aren’t clear what direction to go.



Your current executive has left or is not performing as needed.

Let’s Talk About Where Your Business
is Now and Where You Want to Go

Vision without execution is hallucination

-Thomas Edison


Companies don’t call us because everything is going peachy. They call because there is frustration with something or change is needed. We focus on bringing in leaders who approach your business as if it’s their own, getting their hands dirty and inspiring and coaching others to ultimately take your organization to a better state. See a sample of how the RED Team is making a difference:

$50M Family Owned Manufacturer

After two years of decline and $6M in losses, the owners of this California-based food packager had ceased manufacturing. An Interim CEO jumped in, restarted operations, and returned the company to profitability within 12 weeks.

"We were without a CEO, with a very demoralized staff, and were spending more than we brought in. No one in the board room knew what an interim was, but it was the perfect solution."

Randi Zemsky

Tourette Association of America
Randi Zemsky

Portfolio Company of $3B Private Equity Fund

With an outlook to exit one of their portfolio companies in the next year, Arsenal Capital brought in an Executive Chairman to maximize the value of the company, coach the CEO, and ultimately lead the company to point of sale.

"The investment in an interim has proved to be paid back and then some. The company has been profitable and the potential for new markets are close-at-hand."

Chris Caratan

Owner, Family-Owned Manufacturer
Chris Caratan

Economic Subdivision of Native American Tribe

The enterprise arm of the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma saw that a few businesses within their 20 company portfolio were struggling. We deployed an Interim CEO to lead the restructuring effort, expand the executive team and put controls in place.

"Imagine asking your auditor to file on time when 14 days before the filing deadline the Board fires the CFO for malfeasance. The level of trust was enormous, but the Interim CFO pulled it off.”"

Board Member

Public Software Company

Health and Fitness Training

As a fast growing company, Freeletics needed help putting process and systems in place. We brought in an Interim CTO to lead the technology team, instill agile methodologies, and help the company continue to scale at a rapid rate.

"You did everything you promised. You identified a couple of candidates very quickly. You arranged for the interviews immediately and followed through. I would certainly use your services again."


$2.4B Petrochemical Company

Non-Profit Health Association

When the CEO left Tourette Association of America, staff was demoralized and the office was in chaos. An Interim CEO stepped into develop a long-term plan, stabilize departments and finances while hiring a permanent replacement.

"I knew there was a type of executive that is really good at turmoil. Someone who could come into a broken organization. And that led me to InterimExecs."

Tony Bavuso

Board of Directors, Vision Share
Tony Bavuso

Non-Profit Eye Bank Consortium

The CEO exited, and the board brought in our veteran Interim CEO to develop a long-term plan, stabilize departments and finances while hiring a permanent replacement.

"You did a lot of the work for us so that we know we’re getting a quality candidate. From the minute he showed up it has been nothing but a steady move toward a really bright future."

Chief Doug Lankford

Chief, Miami Tribe of Oklahoma

“For company owners looking to achieve fast growth, the first thing is to look internally and be honest with yourself about where the company is at, what is the strategy, and where is it falling short.”

-Damon Neth, Interim CIO


Without great leadership companies stagnate. We've designed the RED program for transformational executives going into transformational companies in transformational times.

  • 270 Evaluation
  • Executive Match
  • Statement of Work
  • Operational Roadmap
  • Implementation


Time is money without the right executive talent, so we've done the upfront work for you, selecting the top 2% of executives to be deployed individually or as a team.

  • CEO – Chief Executive Officer
  • CFO – Chief Financial Officer
  • COO – Chief Operating Officer
  • CMO – Chief Marketing Officer
  • CSO – Chief Sales Officer
  • CTO – Chief Technology Officer
  • CIO – Chief Information Officer
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail, Services
  • Consumer Goods, Ecommerce
  • Technology, Software, Applications
  • Healthcare, Hospital, Med Device
  • Nonprofit
  • …and more

We generate fears while we sit. We overcome them by action. Fear is nature’s way of warning us to get busy.

-Dr. Henry Link, American Psychologist



Executives jump in when change, transition or transformation is needed. Assignments range from 3 months to 2 years, and the interim often trains an internal candidate, helps recruit the permanent replacement, or grows the company to point of exit.


Executive takes a leadership role as needs demand, providing services to companies on a part-time basis. This especially gives organizations that do not yet need or have the resources for a full-time executives, access to top talent for a fraction of the cost.


When permanent management lacks bandwidth or capability to complete initiatives, executives provide support in projects from global expansion, to technology transformation, process improvement, mergers and acquisitions, and product launch.


PE funds bring in executives to professionalize operations in a portfolio company, put reporting and process in place, grow revenues, prep for sale, or integrate acquisitions. Assignments may be longer (multiple years) to align with the fund’s plan for exit.

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You know you have an issue or challenge, but aren’t sure how to best solve it.

In many cases companies begin with an operational roadmap, where an executive provides a clear assessment of the business, prioritizing areas of improvement and defining a path forward to reach your goals.


InterimExecs has deployed leaders into big challenges and opportunities such as:

  • * Interim CEO, Software Spinoff of $2.8B Parent Org
  • * Interim CFO, Family Owned Security Company
  • * Interim CEO, $30M Healthcare Non-Profit
  • * Interim CIO, $500M CPG and Direct Selling Company
  • * Interim CEO, $50M Food Company
  • * Interim CFO, $80M Software Company
  • * Interim CMO, Data and Analytics Company
  • * Interim CEO, Portfolio Company in $1B Private Equity Fund
  • * Interim CTO, Health and Fitness Company
  • * Interim CEO, $50M Manufacturing Company
  • * Interim CSO, $30M B2B Services Company
  • * Interim CEO, $30M Non-Profit Association
  • * Interim CIO, Software SaaS Startup
  • * Interim Corp Dev, Plumbing Company
  • * Interim CEO, Education Company
  • * Interim COO, CPG Food Processor
  • * Interim CEO, $2.4B Petrochemical Company
  • * Interim CEO, Native American Tribe Corporation

“For companies who are ready to become the game changer in their space, there is huge benefit in calling on leadership that provides a fresh outside perspective and significant experience across industries, company sizes, and stages.”

-Robert Jordan, CEO, InterimExecs