John Matthesen

Interim CEO, CIO, COO

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Mr. Matthesen is a serial entrepreneur and CEO of Related Concepts. He has a broad background of real-world experience in software, technology, consumer products, and hospitality. He has worked in many different countries and cultures across the USA, Europe and Asia.

As part of the startup teams at Sybase and Commerce One, he held numerous positions, including CIO, VP of Asia Sales, and various roles in marketing and Engineering. Since then, he served as COO at an internet advertising company, CEO at a software anti-piracy company, COO at a biotech software company, and is currently on the board of numerous companies, including Shanghai and Montevideo. He is an active angel investor as well as a former venture partner at a SF-based VC, and has been involved with biotech, shipping containers and consumer product companies.

Current projects include launching US divisions of technology companies from Mexico, Germany, Israel and Uruguay.

A coach at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, he has mentored two teams (2010 and 2012) to win best in category in the annual Business Plan Competition.

John holds a BA in biopsychology and linguistics from the University of Colorado, Boulder. He also has certifications in Telecommunications Management from San Francisco State University and Telecommunications Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. He served as an adjunct professor of e-Commerce at Carnegie-Mellon university West Coast campus and is on the Advisory Board of Directors at Diablo Valley College.


Company Stage Focus: Startup, Early Stage, Late Stage Venture Funded, Private Equity Backed, IPO, Private, Family Owned

Interim COO, Revcube (internet advertising platform)

Venture funded company. 50 people, extreme new technology.

COO, Biotech Software for Proteomics

Private investor funded company. Highly specialized software developed by physicists for pharmaceutical research.

CIO, Internet B2B Company

Zero-to-IPO company, >7,000 employees at peak. Designed game-changing products for the company that helped create the first B2B e-commerce system.

VP Sales, Internet B2B Company

Handled account management with Fortune 500 companies in Europe and Asia.

CEO, Software Anti-Piracy Company

International company based in Sweden and USA. Unique product, developed in conjunction with hackers.

COO, Construction Software Company


• Two companies zero-to-IPO
• Two winning teams @ UC Berkeley Business Plan Competition
• Entrepreneur training for government of Mexico
• Entrepreneur training for government of Austria
• IT Business Dev for government of Uruguay
• Designed and patented hub-and-spoke eCommerce system


• Apollo Technologies
• DayWatch
• Rodgers Ranch


• BA, Psychology, University of Colorado Boulder
• BA, Linguistics, University of Colorado Boulder
• Telecommunications Mgmt, San Francisco State University
• Telecommunications Engineering, University of California Berkeley

Years Executive Experience: (25+)
Years as an Interim Exec: (12)
# of Board Roles: (4)
Company Size: (<$100k-$5M)

• Board Advisory
• Building a Management Team
• International Business
• B2B
• Product Marketing
• Operations: Cost
• Outsourcing
• Process Improvement
• Planning/Modeling/Execution
• Client Relations Management
• Advancing & Emerging Technologies
• Technology Development
• Staff Augmentation
• Team Development

• Biotechnology
• Agriculture
• Consumer Products
• Software Development/AI
• SaaS and Cloud Computing
• Security Products and Services
• Telecommunications and Networking
• Telecommunications Services
• Wireless and Mobile Communications
• Restaurant and Hospitality
• New Product Development
• Marketing/Interactive Marketing
• International Business Development
• Hotels
• Fitness, Health, Nutrition