Joshua Katz

Interim CMO

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Building lasting brands requires great strategy, a nimble, smart team and a dogged pursuit of flawless execution.  Joshua has built his career on these principles and the results can be seen in the multi-billion dollar brands that he launched.  From being the first to marry rap and corporate sponsorship to launching Cartoon Network, BBC America and ABC Family, he  looks at the consumers needs and wants and crafts a marketing effort to address them. As an interim, his emphasis is on assessment, analysis and action.  Finding the  fundamental need and the organizational disconnect  helps him create a change plan that  makes an immediate impact.


Company Stage Focus: Startup, Late Stage Venture Funded, Public, Private, Early Stage

Interim CMO, TV and Game Studio
Armed with a launch date and a partially completed game, Katz created a brand; an identity and a launch plan for two separate but related games. He then assembled and oversaw the team, while operating on a marketing budget that was a fraction of a typical game launch. He secured promotional tie-ins, press support and built a digital marketing plan that reacted to consumer behavior to optimize the spend.

Interim CMO, Electric Vehicle Charging
Took over the marketing department of a company that had 3 disparate divisions, 3 different targets (industrial, retail and the consumer) and no cohesive identity. Katz realigned the marketing effort, mentored the staff through a department rebuild/reorganization and created the first companywide marketing plan and budget. As a key member of the senior team, Katz played a key role in product design, product launches and crisis PR. Katz lead the launch of the company’s first direct to consumer product that was so successful that upon launch it not only sold out but had a waiting list of over 10k buyers.

Interim CMO, Magazine publisher and lifestyle brand
Faced with declining sales and a weakened reputation, Katz refocused this American icon brand to its core values. He crafted a product, marketing and PR plans that boosted licensing by 30% while creating a new target audience for the company. He helped lead the relaunch of the digital effort and was a driving force behind the company’s key acquisitions, which helped solidify its leadership position.

Interim CMO, TV Network
The marriage of an iconic British TV brand and an American cable giant was a groundbreaking idea that needed a brand identity and plan worthy of these partners. Katz worked closely with network CEO to craft the identity, build a marketing plan and create a marketing structure. After a very successful launch, Katz stayed on to advise on marketing and programming strategies.

Interim Head of Marketing, Magazine Publisher
Rebranded the publishers two titles. Created and executive produced two TV shows that helped build reputation generate awareness and increase revenue.


• Emmy Award


• Start Up Technology Company
• Free Address Book app


• Tulane University, BA

Years Executive Experience: (25)
Years as an Interim Exec: (5)
Company Size: (<$100K-$20M)

• Branding
• Social Media Strategy
• Creative Development
• Brand Management
• Marketing Reorganization
• Marketing Planning
• Crisis Management
• Digital Marketing
• Customer Acquisition
• Identity Building
• Product Launches

• Television
• Music
• Consumer Electronics
• Video Games
• Digital Entertainment
• Electric Vehicles
• Publishing