Kevin L Nickels

Interim CEO

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I am a C-level business executive that has the ability to create value for shareholders and stakeholders. I have a number of business competencies but feel that core to my value proposition is my ability to create compelling business visions and operational strategies, build highly motivated teams to achieve these plans and able to monetize these investments for shareholders.

I have built three companies, monetized one of those, raised debt and equity capital to fund development and growth, one that grew to $10M in 3 years. I have turned around many projects and businesses like a $10M and then another one that was $20M by establishing clear value creating visions and then, focusing on operational execution or re-positioning a business’s focus to obtain and sustain profitability. I do this by being astute, quick learner who knows how to ask insightful questions and then, assimilate these into compelling observations and create the beginnings of differentiated, high margin businesses working with inspired teams to flesh out the details and execute them.


Company Stage Focus: Startup, Early Stage, Turnaround/Distressed, Private, Family Owned

CEO-RST Technology then Rubigo Therapeutics


• Turned multiple business units around within a large aerospace division of Emerson Electric, now BF Goodrich
• Successfully acquired and moved a state of the art solid state micro-maching sensor business
• Started multiple life science companies and obtained 3rd party reimbursement for unique technologies
• Sold one of the life science companies to a large corporate partner
• Raised over $90 million of equity capital through retail and institutional investors


• Kinesis Medical
• Rapid Diagnostics
• Celleration
• GMR Diagnostics
• Rubigo Therapeutics
• Advanced Vein Therapy

Years Executive Experience: (25)
Years as an Interim Exec: (3)
Company Size: ($5.1M-$20M)

• Audits
• Budget, Cost, & Internal Controls
• Business Valuation
• Debt and Refinancing
• Contract Negotiation
• Building a Management Team
• Board Advisory
• Corporate Governance
• Acquisition Integration
• Joint Ventures
• Fundraising
• Marketing Strategy
• Outsourcing
• Business Development
• Client Relations Management
• Turnaround: Corporate Finance
• Pricing Strategies
• Advancing & Emerging Technologies
• Technology -Team Development
• Direct Sales
• Partner Programs
• Family Run Business
• Financial Analysis
• M&A – Company Sale

• Aerospace/Defense
• Manufacturing
• Biotechnology
• Medical Devices
• Life Sciences
• Plastics
• Nanotechnology
• New Product Development