Kevin Randolph

Interim CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, Turnaround

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Kevin brings over 40 years of concept to completion product development and enterprise formation experience. He has raised hundreds of millions in capital, created billions in economic value and thousands of jobs on a global scale.

Kevin has been a c-level executive, advisor, mentor and coach to industries including electronic banking, electronic brokerage, SaaS, social commerce, retail, broadcast television, interactive television, cable television, radio, healthcare, consumer packaged goods, consumer electronics, airlines, advertising, higher education, technology transfer, medical devices, nuclear materials, nanotechnology, management information systems, decision support systems, competitive local exchange carriers, pharmaceutical, e-commerce, data mining, terrestrial navigation systems, computer-telephony integration, transgenic agriculture, commercial real estate, nuclear isotopes and solar power.

His largest project was building a pan-Asia communications company, completing 20 acquisitions in 18 months and increasing enterprise value 500 fold in 24 months from $4,000,000 to $2,000,000,000. Most recently he has been a key advisor and executive director at Washington State University and Idaho State University. There he has identified over $200B in disruptive technology revenue with over $240M in government sponsored proposals in process.

He is currently on assignment at LACI recently named one of the top 10 incubators in the world, deputy director of the incubator at California State University Northridge, advisor to CalTech’s Dow-Resnick program and as chairman of medical device company Intelipedics.


Company Stage Focus: Startup, Early Stage, Late Stage Venture Funded, Private Equity Backed, IPO, Public, Fortune 500, Private, Family Owned

Interim CEO, Whole Earth Networks

Converted ISP into the first ISP in California to become a common carrier

President & CEO, Asia Online

Increased shareholder value 500-fold in 24 months completing 20 acquisitions in 18 months building operations in 23 cities and 12 countries doing business in 7 languages.

Executive Director, Washington State University’s Frank Institute

Formed 15 companies in 6 months, created entrepreneur curriculum, EIR coordinator to 7 CEO’s forming businesses from licensed technology.

Executive Director of Innovation, Idaho State University

Identified market opportunity for nuclear medical isotopes, nuclear power generation and homeland security applications supporting $240M in new grant opportunities in 8 months.


• Reversed 10 months of declining revenue for Asia Online, achieving 60-fold increase in 18 months. Conceptualized new business model with four businesses – ISP, web development, web hosting and system integration in 23 cities/12 countries. Raised $143M.
• Turned around Whole Earth Networks, increasing revenue 36% and shareholder value 80%. Owner wanted quick sale at optimum price. Revamped marketing/sales programs. Obtained PUC license as first/only common carrier ISP in CA.
• Formed US West subsidiary, Interactive Video Enterprises, with $30M budget/130 staff in virtual corporation. Conceived/developed first e-commerce application combined with TV entertainment. Formed wholly-owned subsidiary, structuring all operations.
• EIR Coordinator of the Office of Intellectual Property and the WSU Research Foundation charged with introducing strategic marketing and enterprises sales approaches to monetize, license or commercialize a $400M annual research expenditure.
• Created experiential learning program on entrepreneurship forming 15 companies in six months.


• China Solar & Clean Energy Solutions
• China ForGen


• BA, Washington State University
• Certificate, Harvard University
• Certificate, Columbia University
• Commercial Pilot, Federal Aviation Administration

Years Executive Experience: (20)
Years as an Interim Exec: (20)
Company Size: ($100k->$10B)

• Board Advisory
• Turnaround: Crisis Management, Distress
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Joint Ventures
• Building a Management Team
• Corporate Governance
• International Business
• Fundraising
• Company Sale
• Acquisition Integration
• B2B & B2C Marketing
• Global Expansion
• Process Improvement
• Guerilla Marketing
• Planning/Modeling/Execution
• Business Development
• Advancing & Emerging Technologies
• Offshore Development
• Outsourcing
• Brand Management
• Product Marketing
• Pricing Strategies
• Sales Forecasting
• Sales Force Training/Assessment/Recruitment

• Advanced Materials
• Cleantech
• Engineering
• Advertising
• Agriculture
• Alternative Energy
• Information Services
• Banking
• Professional Services
• Life Sciences