Your PE Fund’s Bench of Top Operators Across the C-suite

We match private equity portfolio companies with interim and project-based executives who have incredible track records helping investors achieve big returns.



CEOs, CFOs, COOs, and CIOs with Private Equity Experience

A great portfolio company management team is the difference between a home run and failed investment. InterimExecs RED Team (Rapid Executive Deployment) brings the expertise needed to scale up, successfully exit, or turnaround.

A lot of the companies that we invest in are entrepreneur backed businesses that maybe don’t have all the corporate infrastructure that’s needed. A lot of the times that ends up being a an interim CFO solution to help the business get their financial reporting up to standards or an operational person to help implement some of the opportunities that we identified in our due diligence.”

-Sean Roberts

Outsourced Private Equity Operating Partners

InterimExecs RED Team span industry experience, with large concentrations in technology, manufacturing, business services, and healthcare. We work with you to match each portfolio company need with the right mix of skills and experience.

What Could You Accomplish With the Right Leadership?

  • Improve Operations
  • Upgrade Financial Reporting
  • Expand Sales & Marketing
  • Mentor Management Team
  • Due Diligence
  • Acquisition Integration
  • Technology Transformation
  • Strategic Planning and Budgeting
  • Company Sale

Portfolio Case Study: $40M SaaS Company

Executive Chairman Leads Successful M&A Process

A $40M private equity backed SaaS technology company was profitable, yet sales were flat. We brought in an Executive Chairman to serve along the management team, increase accountability, and grow the company to point of sale.

Private Equity Executive Search Services

PE Executive Search: CEO, CFO, COO, CIO Replacement in a Portfolio Company

You can’t get a deal done or grow the company without the right CEO, CFO, COO, or CIO on board. Interims often parachute in to replace an executive who suddenly left.

The executives we work with are screened not only on their incredible track records, but on their mindset and how they exemplify resilience, open communication, honesty, and integrity.

Prep Portfolio Company for Sale

Interim executives are deal savvy leaders who bring a range of experience in CEO, CFO, COO, and CIO roles leading transactions such as:

▶ recap or spinoff
▶ company sale
▶ merger integration
▶ roll-up or series of acquisitions

When you’ve owned a company 3-5 years it is hard to retain perfect objectivity. How ready are your investments for exit? Have you positioned the company for maximum valuation? An interim can help identify best timing and make sure the deal gets done.

“As we’ve identified businesses we work with interim executives to help us on the due diligence front. Post-acquisition, we tend to hire interims to help on the immediate execution of the plan. A lot of times it has to do with the financial function, maybe an interim CFO who will help put in the right processes and help us move from what is more often than not a family business and help us get it into an institutional business.”

-Michael Pfeffer

Private Equity Due Diligence Experts

RED Team executives serve as subject matter experts to evaluate a potential investment and assist a fund with diligence on an acquisition. That means reviewing everything from financials, opportunities to make operational improvements, to a post-acquisition plan.

Portfolio Company Acquisition Integration

Integration into a platform comes with a host of issues around teams, cultures, technology, reporting and financial systems. Interim execs can lead the integration process so you can avoid downtime and lost sales.

Build Out Your PE Management Team

With the RED Team you have access to the entire C-suite from finance to sales, marketing, operations, and technology. Tackle specific projects like ERP implementations or improved financial reporting, or strengthen your management team.

“The InterimExecs team hit the center of the bull’s eye in finding just the right person for us. We’re now working with him on two other companies. I should probably have InterimExecs on my speed dial.”

-Joelle Marquis
Partner, Arsenal Capital Partner

Looking for an Executive Search Firm for Private Equity? See How the RED Team Works

Q: What regions and countries do we serve?

InterimExecs has spent over a decade hand picking top executives from around the globe who we deem RED Team Ready. Seventy five percent are based in the United States, 25% in Europe and Asia. The RED Team attitude is: go anywhere, anytime. We have deployed leaders from Boston to Bangalore, Manhattan to Munich.

Q: How long to interim executives stay with a private equity portfolio company?

A: The average interim assignment runs 8.5 months. But that’s just an average. Reality is that each company and situation is unique. In many cases, interim executive roles with private equity owned companies tend to be transaction oriented, focusing on creating value, increasing sales or acquiring businesses, and often growing a portfolio company to point of exit. These types of assignments typically last a year or two (or maybe more) depending on the state of the organization and the fund’s goals. The InterimExecs RED Team are not wired for maintenance mode, so time is not as much of a focus working with PE funds as the challenge and opportunity at hand. Ambitious growth goals, acquisitions, expansion, or improvement on the horizon are the key drivers for this elite group of operating executives.

Q: What makes a good private equity portfolio company CEO or CFO?

A: A great PE portfolio company CEO or CFO sports a successful track record along with prior experience at another fund. CEOs and CFOs with great credentials have a disciplined mindset and welcome the accountability of reporting to and brainstorming with smart investor owners. Many founder led and family run businesses are used to lack of formality. When they graduate into professional investor ownership, there is a necessary rigorousness in reporting and performance that separates the good from the great. This is easily highlighted in the CFO role, which has a fiduciary responsibility to establish and maintain high standards.

Q: How long does an executive search for an interim take?

A: We have taken years building deep, trusting relationships with outstanding executives. As a result, we can act quickly, typically presenting recommendations within 48 hours of meeting with fund managers. Our fastest placement? Six days from first contact with the board of directors to boots-on-the ground executive deployment. Our high standard of quality at speed is impossible in the traditional world of headhunters.

Q: How are interim executive contracts structured with a private equity portfolio company?

A: Our contracts do not create an employee/employer relationship. We sign one contract with your portfolio company, and a second contract with the interim executive’s corporate entity. Contracts are easy to scale up or down as needed. Our motto is: happy executives, happy clients. We conduct regular check-ins to make sure everything is copacetic.