RED Team Invades Miami
March 13 – 15, 2016

Annual Association of Interim Executives RED Team Member Meeting: March 13 – March 15
Location: Akerman – Three Brickell City Centre
98 Southeast Seventh Street, Miami, Florida 33131

Sponsored By: 

Akerman  Huron

Sunday, March 13: Cocktail Party (7pm – 9pm)
Monday, March 14: RED 2 Annual Meeting (8am – 4pm)
Tuesday, March 15: Association Breakfast, Panel & Open House (8am-11am)

Sunday, March 13

Cocktail Party: 7pm – 9pm
Location: TBD
We arrive on Sunday and have a great opportunity to catch up informally over cocktails before our annual meeting on Monday. Will announce the location shortly.

Monday, March 14

Red 2: Annual Meeting of the Rapid Executive Deployment Team: 8am-4pm
Location: Akerman – Brickell City Centre, Miami, FL
We will be hosted by Akerman, a major law firm with offices worldwide, in their new headquarters in the newly built Brickell City Centre, opening just weeks before our arrival. At RED #1 in Chicago in May 2015, you saw the power of our collective brainstorming as we presented and created unique IP, helping drive forward our individual businesses and the strength of our Association. On March 14, 2016 we will present more new products and interactions between RED Team members, advancing our goal for 10x growth in 2016.

Tuesday, March 15

Association Breakfast, Panel, & Open House: 8am-11am
Location: Akerman – Brickell City Centre, Miami, FL

8:00 – 9:30am  Breakfast and Introduction
8:30 – 9:30am  Private Equity Panel

A panel of fund managers will discuss topics including how private equity funds utilize interims, expectations from the fund when dealing with interims, staying top of mind when a need arises, and real stories from using interim execs in portfolio companies.

Chris_HuronChris Sheeran
Partner, Huron Capital Partners

Huron Capital is an operationally-focused $1.1B private equity firm with a long history of growing lower middle-market companies through its ExecFactor® buy-and-build investment model.  Huron Capital’s sector focus includes specialty manufacturing, business services, consumer goods & services, and healthcare.

ForestWester_TrivestForest Wester
Partner, Trivest Partners

Trivest Partners is a $415M private equity firm. Established in 1981, it has completed 225+ transactions and is focused on founder/family-owned companies.


9:30 – 10:30am  Interim Executives in Action

Interim execs are thrown into challenging situations that demand results, so they must get up to speed fast. Hear from veteran interim executive, Cleve Adams, as he shares how he worked with investors to bring massive success to a string of companies.

Cleve Adams
Interim CEO

Voted one of the top 50 non-technical founders in the tech industry history, Cleve Adams is a four time VC/PE backed software CEO managing companies from pre-revenue to over $1 billion. Cleve started, built and managed the largest company in the SaaS/Cloud Cyber security software market from pre-revenue to a $1B IPO, the largest in San Diego county history. As CEO of four companies, all which got acquired, and two IPOs, his average return to investors in 21x

10:30 – 11:00am  Closing

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