Richard A Lindenmuth

Interim CEO, COO, CMO, Turnaround

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A founder and Managing Partner of Verto Partners, Richard is the architect and driver behind the gross margin improvement and return to growth and profitability for many companies. He is also responsible for the successful integration of mergers and acquisitions inside and outside of the United States.

He has served on public and private company Boards of Directors in the USA as well as in several other countries. Richard is a hands-on CEO with a strong background in domestic and international operations.

He graduated from The Wharton Graduate School and began his career with The Singer Sewing Machine Company in treasury and international finance. Richard was the General Manager for the Middle East and Africa, which included operating responsibility for 10 factory operations as well as all other functions (finance, marketing, sales, and government relations) for the region.

Richard was responsible for International Operations for Bendix Automotive and Aerospace. He established joint ventures, such as RENEX (Renault and Bendix) and led the development of a brake manufacturing operation in Korea for Bendix and Hyundai. Richard was responsible for restructuring and aligning the acquired technology companies that were part of Unysis into one strategic unit.

Richard led the ITT Business and Consumer Communications Group as President/CEO through the rapid changes of the US telecom industry deregulation. The company established the first retail telephone operations, which grew to $80 million in less than 6 months. Richard was the President and CEO of the publicly held company, Robinson Nugent (RNIC) where he returned the company to profitability, introduced new products, and expanded market-share.

Richard has assessed and redirected strategies across industries, mentored business teams during significant change, established proper controls and visibility at Board levels and led companies through significant change and return to growth as the Chief Executive Officer and CRO.

Years Executive Experience: (20)
Years as an Interim Exec: (12)
Company Size: ($20M-$10B)

• Board Advisory
• Building a Management Team
• Corporate Development
• Corporate Governance
• International Business
• Joint Ventures
• Global Expansion
• Strategy
• Offshore Development
• Bankruptcy
• Sales Management
• Crisis Management
• Liquidation

• Airline
• Airport and Aviation
• Automotive
• Consumer Electronics
• Consumer Products
• Crisis Management
• Electronics
• Fitness
• Health & Nutrition
• Healthcare
• International Business Development
• Manufacturing
• Private Equity and Venture Capital
• Security Products and Services
• Telecommunications
• Wireless and Mobile Communications


Company Stage Focus: Private Equity Backed, Turnaround/Distressed, Public, Fortune 500, Fortune 1000, FTSE500, Private, Bankruptcy

Interim CEO/CRO, $800M Multi-level Marketing Company

Identified and realized cost savings potential and returned company to cash positive status

Interim CEO/CRO, $300M Automobile Supplier

Increased revenue/sales pipeline by $30 million in 45 days, sold subsidiary to investors, lead company into a planned bankruptcy, developed and led liquidation over 15 month period of time paying all creditors in full.

Interim CEO, North Carolina Economic Development Partnership

Established the first Public Private Partnership (PPP) for the State of North Carolina.

• Hired the first 40 employees, established payroll, benefits, 401(k) and the first business plan ever for Tourism, International Trade (exports), International Investment/Finance, Support of Existing Business, Small Business support (BLINC – “Business Link) and the recruitment of companies to North Carolina.
• Directed the development of the first 90 day marketing/business plans for each segment, established performance metrics, raised private funds and developed “big data” marketing tools for the State by industry in a project with NC State (the number one Analytics Department in the USA).
• Directed the initiation of Broadband connectivity in Rural areas of North Carolina for education and Economic Development.

Interim CEO, Media Company

Interim CEO, Amcast


• Founder of Verto Partners
• Advisor to US State Department AID
• Public Speaker and frequent lecturer at major Universities (Duke, Wharton)
• CRO of Home Interiors & Gifts
• President/CEO Robinson Nugent Inc.
• Chairman and CEO of Quantegy Inc.
• President, ITT Telecom Business & Consumer Communications Group


• Robinson Nugent Inc (RNIC) – Public
• Quantegy Inc.


• BA, International Affairs Economics – University of Colorado Boulder
• MBA, Wharton Graduate School