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On-Demand Executives for Manufacturing Production and Process Optimization

InterimExecs RED Team (Rapid Executive Deployment) of top manufacturing CEOs, CFOs, COOs, and CIOs can be the answer to your manufacturing optimization challenges, whether you need to turn around, scale up, manage change, or automate.

What Could You Accomplish With the Right Manufacturing Leadership?

Our RED Team of top executives have deep expertise in manufacturing optimization, process improvement, and turnaround. Whether you are upgrading operations or in need of a new CEO, CFO, COO, or CIO, on-demand leadership provides both strategy and hands-on implementation so you see results much faster than you would via the traditional executive search route.

Interim, part-time, and project-based operational leadership is different from seeking out a manufacturing executive recruiter or manufacturing consulting firm. Interims are operational leaders ready on Day 1 to embed themselves within the team to drive the change your company needs.

Manufacturing Optimization Interim Executive Services

The RED Team specializes in finance, operations, information technology, and marketing in the manufacturing sector. See how our hand-selected team of top interim executives can address your company’s unique needs for manufacturing talent.

Operations & Manufacturing Process Improvement
Improve cashflow and operational efficiencies, focusing on KPIs like productivity and supply chain rates

Supply Chain Optimization
From sourcing to production, logistics, fulfillment, to distribution, ensure every step in the supply chain is properly performing

LEAN Manufacturing
Implement Lean Six Sigma to define, measure, and improve systems and processes while eliminating waste

ERP System Implementation
Select the right ERP system and leverage data to drive better decision making and support business operations

Onshoring & Outsourcing
Transform your supply chain management to reduce costs, eliminate overhead, and build better products

Mergers & Acquisitions
Identify potential merger partners, integrate acquisitions, build a succession plan, and identify and mentor future leaders

Results: RED Team In Action

Interim COO parachutes into a top meat manufacturing company to reduce downtime, streamline processes, lower costs, and increase productivity.

Interim CEO jumps into a family-owned packaging company, reversing millions in losses and returning to profitability.

Interim COO parachutes into an $80M provider of industrial services, to help scale a slow-growth business to the next level.

“Manufacturing companies facing big challenges need to take a step back to think about where they are and where they want to go. An interim can bring that outside perspective.”

-Mike Lorelli, RED Team Executive
Executive Chairman, Rita’s Italian Ices
President, PepsiCo (twice)
Private Equity Operating Partner

FAQs: About the RED Team

Q: How does traditional executive search different from a search for an interim?

A: Speed is the biggest difference. When you are in critical need of top talent, an interim executive is the answer.

Talent acquisition via a typical manufacturing recruiting firm can take as long as six months. We can do it in days. Why? Because we already have deep trusting relationships with the accomplished leaders who are members of our RED (Rapid Executive Deployment) Team.

That means we can meet your needs quickly; we can offer you high quality interim options — executives with the right talent who are ready to step in to meet the critical needs of your company — in as little as 48 hours.

Our high standard of quality at speed is impossible in the traditional world of headhunters.

Why should I choose a RED Team manufacturing executive over a manufacturing consulting firm?

Manufacturing industry consultants specialize in fixing one problem — producing a white paper of continuous improvement processes if you will. RED Team interim executives can do much more than provide optimization solutions. They are experienced operators who have built, grown, and even turned around businesses. That means they can actually execute the plan, root out inefficiencies, and improve the overall manufacturing environment.

Typically, a RED Team interim manufacturing executive takes on a named role within within the company – CEO, CFO, or COO — for short periods. They have decision making responsibilities and are measured on success. In some cases, they serve in a manufacturing operations role that was left vacant by a departing executive. In others, they serve alongside the existing management team to lead a specific project like improving supply chain management. process optimization, or acquisition integration.

At InterimExecs we work with you to determine the leadership gaps that need to be filled. Then we identify the InterimExecs RED Team interim CEO, CFO, COO, CIO or other interim with the right skillset to meet your company’s needs, from rooting out production line bottlenecks to improving product quality to implementing artificial intelligence and beyond.

Our RED Team of top interim executives has been carefully curated over many years. We can quickly recommend one or more team members who line up with the needs and values of your organization.

Trust and chemistry are essential in making a good fit. We focus on deploying executives who have real-time experience in the lifecycle of running a manufacturing business. Interim executives from the RED Team will approach your business as if it was their own.

Q: Is my organization a good fit to work with InterimExecs RED Team?

A: Traditionally, companies in need of new leadership turn to an executive recruiting firm for permanent solutions. But that isn’t always the best approach. There are times when an interim executive is the right answer.

Those are the companies and owners who fit the three Es:
▶ Eager: You want to grab the future. You are ready, willing, and able to do the root cause analysis and make the moves that will lead you, your company, and your team to sustainability and success.
▶ Enterprising: You think bigger that one initiative. You’re looking for production optimization solutions that will lead to bigger opportunity ahead. Whether that is lowering production costs or the digital transformation of your entire manufacturing production process, you desire to be a leader in your space.
▶ Engaging: You want the best for the company, team members, and customers, and see the danger in not making decisions and taking action. You are ready to open yourself up to opportunities, look at the strengths and gaps within the organization, and place confidence in outside leadership.

Q: What strategies will a manufacturing CEO or other interim follow for improving our manufacturing process?

A: Our InterimExecs manufacturing executives start by gathering real-time data. What’s working? What’s not? What can be done to improve the business? That can take a few weeks or a month and involves speaking with team members, the board, and customers to see the inner workings of the organization.

To formulate a go-forward plan, they will look at everything from the raw material procurement to the org chart — what are the staffing needs? Are the right people in the right manufacturing positions across the board, from the plant manager on down?
Once you agree on priorities, the RED Team manufacturing executive will move to the next phase: putting that plan into action.

Q: How long do interim executives stay with an organization?

A: Each company and situation is unique, but the average interim assignment runs 8.5 months. Ambitious growth goals, the breadth of the expansion, and improvement on the horizon are the key drivers for this elite group of operating executives.

The two most common ways manufacturers engage with interim executives are:
● on a project-based project with an identified outcome, or
● as a part-time executive with ongoing operational responsibilities.

On a project-based assignment, an interim executive might come on board for a few months or even years to assess the business, make improvements, and find his or her replacement. That can involve working with executive search consultants to hire a permanent successor or identifying and mentoring someone internally to step into the role.

Engaging an interim executive in a part-time role as CFO or CIO, for example, is a way for the manufacturing company to benefit from the skills, experience, and abilities of a high-quality leader without the cost and commitment of hiring a full-time leader as you would if you worked with a traditional manufacturing executive search firm.

Q: What happens when an interim leaves?

Every RED Team executive is focused on growing and empowering your team. In fact, they are so zeroed in on results that the aim is to actually work themselves out of the job.

The goal is to leave your company positioned to continue building on the action plan, systems, and processes the interim executive put in place.

Q: How are interim executive contracts structured?

A: We sign one contract with your company, and a second contract with the interim executive. Contracts are easy to scale up or down as needed.
We conduct regular check-ins to make sure everything is on a positive track. Our motto is: happy executives, happy clients.

Q: What regions and countries do we serve?

For more than a decade, InterimExecs has been hand-picking top executives from around the globe who we deem RED Team Ready. Seventy five percent are based in the United States, 25% in Europe and Asia. The RED Team attitude is: go anywhere, anytime.

What Could You Accomplish With the Right Leadership?