2017 Year In Review
The RED Team Went Into Action

2017 was not lacking in excitement. The markets continued an unrelenting upward streak. While some debate the strength of underlying fundamentals, valuations public and private rose all year long. Market traction for interims continued strongly while gaining momentum in the US. With this upward movement, here at InterimExecs we were making moves as well. Here are some of our favorite moments of 2017:


Native American Tribe

A Native American Tribe was dependent on their business contracts to stay afloat, yet the board needed help. We brought in an interim to review and clean up contracts, lead a multi-million dollar energy project, and seek out additional 8A projects

Public Software Company

We hit our fastest placement when a public company called us on a Thursday night for help when they discovered fraudulent activity. We had a CFO on site by Tuesday, working closely with the board and shareholders to clean up the mess.

Financial Services Launch

When a financial services company approached us to spinoff a tool they used internally, we connected them with an executive who had experience building financial and software applications for multi-billion dollar companies.

Contract Manufacturing Business Expansion

A contract manufacturing business was operating with several divisions, each focused on a unique specialized product. An executive was brought in alongside the founder to create more cohesiveness among units, lay out a strategic plan, and build out a team to enter new markets and speed growth.

Private Equity Backed SaaS Company

A PE fund called us when their portfolio company was not performing well. We brought in a Chairman to serve alongside the CEO and management team who led creation of a new strategy to increase the value of the company for future sale and set benchmarks and metrics to give the PE fund better visibility into performance.

Holding Company Turnaround

A subdivision of a Native American Tribe held a diversified group of business enterprises. Profits were declining so we brought in an Interim CEO who assessed their 20 holdings from construction to IT services, created a turnaround plan for the underperforming entities, and implemented the plan, bringing them back to profitability.

There are no impossible obstacles; there are just stronger and weaker wills.

-Jules Verne


In May executives from the RED Team met in person in Chicago for a two day conference. We dove into everything from best practices in turning companies around, to the interim DNA, to how to most effectively complete an operational roadmap for a company.

If you ask me what I came into this life to do, I will tell you: I came to live out loud.

-Emile Zola


People are made of flesh and blood and a miracle fibre called courage.

-Mignon McLaughlin