The world, as we all have known it during the late 90s, is gone. No longer are sales executives order takers and if they think this is the game, the awakening has been and continues to be rude. Culpepper Sale Study, a benchmark for the world of sales, released the following statistics:

1… Fact: 94% of all sales veterans have had less than 5 days of any formal sales
2… Fact: 87% of all sales managers have had less then 8 days of any formal sales
3… Fact: 98% of all salespeople don’t follow a consistent sales methodology.
4… Fact: 93% of all sellers volunteer a price decrease without being asked.
5… Fact: 87% of prospected inquires are never followed up by a sales contact.
6… Fact: 81% of all sales take five calls or more.
7… Fact: 80% of all salespeople are willing to accept a 90% rejection rate.
8… Fact: 40% of all sales veterans experience bouts of call reluctance severe enough
to threaten their contribution in sales.
9… Fact: 93% of all sales veterans have had no training on how to generate their own

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