Let’s Talk About Where Your Business is Now
and Where You Want to Go

The Rapid Executive Deployment™ Program begins with a conversation to assess where your company is at and to explore if a RED Team executive can best make your vision a reality. Call us at 847-849-2800, or please complete this form and we’ll respond to schedule a call.

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Step 1: Where are you at?

  • •Is your business growing at the right pace? Are you missing areas of opportunity?
  • •You have a plan, but are you executing well?
  • •What challenges do you see? Are the right people on board to tackle them?
  • •Are partners, owners, board members and employees aligned on a go-to forward plan?
  • •Where have you seen areas of opportunity or set strategy, but been unable to execute on it?
  • •What needs to be fixed or improved? Are there things you should stop doing?
  • •What is working well? How can you continue to build on that success?

Step 2: How could an interim exec help?

  • •Fill leadership gaps: CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, CTO, CIO, CSO, CHRO, CRO, etc.
  • •Improve operational efficiencies and product development
  • •Expand markets globally, set up international operations
  • •Merger and acquisition integration
  • •Prepare for exit, transaction or IPO
  • •Create a new business, product, spinoff
  • •Streamline or consolidate technology, software, systems and applications
  • •Upgrade financial controls, cost accounting discipline
  • •Grow sales and enhance business development
  • •Create and implement a marketing strategy and brand positioning
  • •Fix declining or shutdown business
  • •(Fill in the blank – where do you need help?)