The Advanced Program for Interim Executives


201 – Structuring Multiple, Parallel Assignments
202 – Entering Into Assignments as a Team
203 – Taking Assignments Around the World
204 – How PE Funds Utilize Interim Executives



201 – Structuring Multiple, Parallel Assignments

  • The difference between interims who take serial vs. parallel assignments
  • When parallel assignments make sense
  • How to manage multiple assignments and break up your time
  • Ways to become more efficient by outsourcing tasks
  • The time to bring in additional staff and/or partner
202 – Entering Into Assignments as a Team
  • How to strengthen your positioning with a team
  • Who to bring on board to help expand your business
  • Tools for evaluating skillsets
  • Best practices for collaborating and working together on assignments
  • Why it is dangerous to view other interims as competition
  • How becoming a rainmaker can extend your capabilities
  • What metrics (assignments, revenue, etc.) justify a team
203 – Taking Assignments Around the World
  • What drives international demand for interim execs
  • How interim assignments vary from country to country
  • How to set expectations upfront with clients
  • Cultural variations you must be aware of before starting the gig
  • Ways interims can cross borders and create a global brand
  • The biggest misconception companies have expanding globally & how interims help
  • How to analyze if a company should expand globally
204 – How Private Equity Funds Utilize Interims
  • How private equity funds utilize interims
  • Earning an assignment with a PE fund as an unknown
  • Expectations from the fund when dealing with interims
  • Why use temporary executives
  • The use of interims in portfolio companies – stories from PE funds
  • Advice for interims in PE-led leadership roles
  • Staying “top of mind” when a need arises


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