Scott Philips

Interim CEO, CSO, COO, CMO

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Scott Philips is an interim executive with over 30 years of diversified experience in enterprise wide leadership. He is recognized as an action-oriented leader with strengths in strategic management, business assessments, employee engagement & productivity, business development and enterprise selling. Scott’s experience in analyzing market data, developing solutions and effectively executing plans have resulted in significant revenue growth and operational improvements for a number of companies in a wide variety of industries.

Currently Scott advises companies in transition, pinpointing their challenges and developing strategies to achieve record revenue growth and also to build sustainable organizations. His work often includes:

* Strategic Planning
* CEO Coaching
* Action Planning
* Culture Alignment
* Productivity Enhancement
* Employee Engagement & Motivation
* Leadership Development
* Revenue Generation
* Organizational Execution

Most recently, he has advised companies representing manufacturing, energy, transportation, healthcare, services, food processing, technology, electronics and education.

Prior to forming TruNorth Partners, Mr. Philips was a top-tier principal with OneAccord Partners (headquarters in Kirkland, WA). Scott’s 20 year consulting practice has included successfully working with over 200 companies, conducting over 150 planning retreats, coaching more than 160 CEO’s and operating as an interim executive role in over 20 businesses.

“Scott’s thoughtful approach will help you hone your vision and position your business for success or transition. His level of commitment to his business partners is unlike any other and his goal is to truly help you reach your goals. Over the time I’ve known Scott, he has become a trusted business advisor and a key partner in my efforts. I strongly believe he will be an asset to anyone he associates with.”

Twitter: @trunorthpartner


Company Stage Focus: Private Equity Backed, Turnaround/Distressed, Fortune 1000, Private, Family Owned

Interim VP Sales, Avionics

Interim VP Sales & Marketing, Consumer Products

VP, Sales & Marketing, Electronics Manufacturing

Interim VP of Sales, Label Manufacturing

Interim VP of Sales & Marketing, Food Processing

Interim VP of Sales, Modular Building Manufacturing

Interim VP of Sales & Marketing, First Aid Manufacturing

Interim VP of Sales, Aerospace Electronics


• Actualized revenue turnaround of over $20 million for a NW food processing company in 24 months. These results have been realized by many of our clients.
• Coached over 200 CEO’s over a ten year period, improving both leadership and team performance.
• Successfully executed over 200 planning retreats providing clear vision, direction and action plans that led companies to a successful future.
• Worked with over 150 companies mapping their success pathways and leading them in an operating role to produce significant outcomes.
• Developed, released and implemented several organizational assessment tools including a Diagnostic for Workforce Engagement and Motivation instrument that identifies engagement/motivation triggers for struggling organizations.


•MS, Management, Marylhurst University
•BS, Lewis & Clark

Years Executive Experience: (25)
Years as an Interim Exec: (17)
Company Size: ($1.1M-$500M)

• Sales Management
• Product Marketing
• Building a management team
• Corporate Development
• Pricing Strategies
• Process Improvement
• Marketing Strategy
• Operations Planning/Modeling/Execution

• Energy and Utilities
• Transportation and Logistics
• Healthcare
• Electronics
• Education
• Food Service
• Business Services
• Manufacturing
• Management Consulting
• Retail
• Telecommunications