Connections: It’s All About Them

In this fast-paced culture where dollars often speak the loudest, it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle of jumping on the current of ‘busyness’ and not keeping the focus on the grass roots elements of business: people.

Relationships will always be the fundamental success of any prosperous business, whether small in operation or Fortune 500. If your focus is to keep your eye-on-the-proverbial prize of enhancing and developing relationships, you in turn will benefit your bottom line. So how does one make connections and master maintaining connections? Answer. Share your connections!

Start with what you already have! Begin with focusing on the existing relationships that you’ve fostered and make your presence known. Be intentional about establishing a regimented and vigilant focus on meeting consistently with these people.
Be about the other! A masterful approach is one which starts with the emphasis being on the other individual and identifying what connections you may have which might be able to benefit their business growth. When your focus is on the other, that person knows you to be genuine and in turn they will likely have an indisputable desire to help you move forward in your business as well.
Give it your all! Although we can agree that life and business can become tirelessly busy, we can also agree that consistency and persistence will always be your greatest reward. Make excellence your standard in pursuing those connections that you will be able to offer a link to success. Leveraging the ability to invest in the lives of and truly being about the other will in turn offer a significantly fruitful reward!

It starts with you, but it is all about them!

About the Author

Scott Philips

Scott Philips is an interim executive with over 30 years of diversified experience in enterprise wide leadership. He is recognized as an action-oriented leader with strengths in strategic management, business assessments, employee engagement & productivity, business development and enterprise selling. Scott's experience in analyzing market data, developing solutions and effectively executing plans have resulted in significant revenue growth and operational improvements for a number of companies in a wide variety of industries.