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Solve Your Healthcare Executive Search Challenges…Fast!

See how an executive from the RED Team (Rapid Executive Deployment) can be the answer to your healthcare executive search, whether you need to turn around, scale up, manage change, or innovate.

What Could You Accomplish With the Right Leadership?

InterimExecs RED Team is a hand selected team of top healthcare CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CIOs who are experts in growing and turning around organizations.

We are a different kind of healthcare consulting firm. We provide both strategy and hands-on interim, part-time, and project-based operational leadership that requires driving change and transformation.

Hospital, Healthcare, and Medical Practice Management Executive Services

See how we can address your organization’s unique needs in sectors from hospitals and medical practices to pharmaceuticals, medical device, biotech, insurance and reimbursement.

Hospital Turnaround & Restructuring
Increase profitability & get to the root cause of problems with strategy, operations and cashflow

Healthcare IT & Digital Strategy
Improve performance through EMR selection and implementation, security risk assessment, integration, and workflow design

Performance Improvement
Achieve growth initiatives by creating a clear vision and optimizing operations, resource management, and patient delivery

Project Management
Design and implement measurable data-informed processes to improve outcomes and reach specific goals

Financial Optimization
Ensure accurate financial statements, budgeting, compliance, and controls and devise strategy that drives performance

Healthcare Succession Planning
Identify, prepare, train, and mentor a future leader to replace healthcare CEOs, CFOs, COOs, who have left or plan to retire.

Results: RED Team In Action

Interim CEO aligns a consortium of 18 eye banks to get corneas distributed to surgeons and ready for transplant

Interim CEO transforms national non-profit organization focused on education and advocacy, Tourette Association of America

Interim CIO stepped into a medical licensing organization to transform technology, IT services, disaster recovery, and vendor management.

Leadership for a Rapidly Changing Landscape

“All of my work seems to be rooted in coming and doing a listening tour very rapidly. Having some crucial conversations before you get in the door but coming in and having a plan developed to either turn around something that’s not working well or to get a plan rapidly assembled and deployed to get things stabilized. Within 30 days, I’ve got a straw model of a turnaround plan and a work plan to achieve the goals.”

-RED Team Hospital CEO

FAQs: About the RED Team

Q: How is the RED Team different from another healthcare consulting firms and healthcare executive search firms?

A healthcare organization whether physician practice, hospital, or service provider might hire a healthcare consultant to help with a thought product. Interim executives have built, grown, and even turned around businesses, so as experienced operators, they not only provide an assessment and strategy, but they actually execute on the plan. They typically take on a named role within the company with decision making responsibilities where they are measured on success. This could mean serving in a vacant role such as CEO, CFO, or COO, or serving alongside the management team to lead a specific project like technology transformation and EMR implementation or acquisition integration.

At InterimExecs we work with you to best determine the right skillsets and leadership gaps that need to be filled. InterimExecs RED Team of top executives has been carefully curated over many years so that we can provide recommendations of one or more team members who line up with the needs and values of your organization. Trust and chemistry are essential in making a good fit, and we focus on deploying executives who have first-hand experience with the ups and downs of running a business, and who will approach your business as if it was their own.

Q: Is my organization a good fit to work with InterimExecs RED Team?

A: There are many reasons to call in on-demand executive leadership, but even more important than your specific challenge is the wiring of your organization and readiness for change. When assessing potential fit, we look to work with companies and owners who line up with our three Es:

Eager: You want to take grab of the future, and are ready, willing, and able to make the moves needed to take you, your organization and team to higher ground.
Enterprising: You see bigger opportunity ahead. Whether that is untapped market potential, improved customer service and retention, taking on outside competition, or areas of operational improvement, you desire to be a leader in your space.
Engaging: You want the best for the organization, team members, and patients, and see the danger in not making decisions and taking action. You are ready to open yourself up to opportunities, look at the strengths and gaps within the organization, and take confidence in outside leadership.

Q: What strategies will a healthcare CEO or other interim follow for improving our organization?

A: Every organization has its own unique drivers, so an executive often begins with an assessment over the course of a few weeks to a month to determine what’s working, what’s not, and what can be done to improve the business. A big emphasis will be put on speaking with team members, the board, and customers to see the innerworkings of the organization.

They will look at everything from the vision for the future, to market dynamics, current financials, sales metrics, org chart (right people in the right seats?), products and services, risks, and opportunities (product launch, awareness, operational improvements, etc.). Once you agree on priorities and a go-forward plan, the interim will move to put that plan into action.

Q: How long do interim executives stay with an organization?

A: The average interim assignment runs 8.5 months, however, the reality is that each company and situation is unique. In a healthcare organization, an interim might come on board for a few months or even years to assess the business, make improvements, and either hire a permanent successor or assess and mentor someone internally to step into the role. Sometimes an organization might decide to engage an executive in a part-time role like CFO or CIO, which can have ongoing responsibilities without the cost and commitment of a full-time executive. Interims, however, are not wired for maintenance mode. Ambitious growth goals, expansion, or improvement on the horizon are the key drivers for this elite group of operating executives.

Q: What happens when an interim leaves?

Every RED Team executive is focused on growing and empowering your team, so your organization can continue to build on the action plan, systems, and processes put in place. Interim is unique, because unlike full-time executive placement, an executive is so zeroed in on results that the aim is to actually work themselves out of the job.

Q: What regions and countries do we serve?

InterimExecs has spent over a decade hand picking top executives from around the globe who we deem RED Team Ready. Seventy five percent are based in the United States, 25% in Europe and Asia. The RED Team attitude is: go anywhere, anytime.

Q: How does executive search differ from a search for an interim?

A: A typical executive search takes anywhere from 90-180 days. We have taken years building deep, trusting relationships with outstanding executives who make up the RED Team. As a result, we can act quickly, typically presenting recommendations in as little as 48 hours of meeting with an organization. Our high standard of quality at speed is impossible in the traditional world of headhunters.

Q: How are interim executive contracts structured with a hospital or healthcare provider?

A: Our contracts do not create an employee/employer relationship. We sign one contract with your company, and a second contract with the interim executive’s corporate entity. Contracts are easy to scale up or down as needed. Our motto is: happy executives, happy clients and conduct regular check-ins to make sure everything is on a positive track.

What Could You Accomplish With the Right Leadership?