Fifteen Solutions Interims Provide

Interim executives come in many flavors, according to functional specialties and industry specializations. They bring experience from companies of different sizes and in various stages.

Their ultimate mission, however, is often much the same: to leave a company in significantly better shape than it was upon entry.

Here are 15 solutions interims provide:

1. Company launch, from funding to business plan to product release

2. Turnaround work, from minor distress to reorg, 360, bankruptcy and dissolution

3. Increase needed corporate bandwidth without delay

4. Execution of a successful IPO, recap or company sale

5. Service on a board of directors

6. Advisory services to board members

7. Branding and Re-branding initiatives

8. Slice through corporate politics to implement change

9. Hiring a permanent replacement or full management team

10. Sale force re-alignment as industries and strategies change

11. Family-owned business challenges, from succession issues to hiring and firing

12. Implement innovations with complete 3rd party objectivity

13. Access larger outside networks – brainpower and manpower

14. Mentor permanent employees in best practices

15. Zero impact on fixed costs.

This list is just a start. Please add your comments below.

Interims are busy across the globe bringing solutions to the companies that need them. It’s time for all companies to have access to interim talent.