Executive Matchmaking and the Sacred Trust of Ownership

Executive Matchmaking and the Sacred Trust of Ownership

When you own the company, it’s nothing like being an employee. You might as well compare lifting up a hundred pound weight versus a feather.

Through the years I’ve owned or been a shareholder in a number of companies. So when I initially started a career taking on interim assignments – in my case helping companies prep for sale and ultimately exiting to a financial buyer or strategic investor – I approached every company as if it was my own.

Only in running and owning a company can you know firsthand the sleepless nights.

Pondering everything. Like cash flow.

Hiring and retaining your best people.

Making payroll.

The questions are endless: how do we compete better? How do we win ridiculously large contracts? What do we do if the market goes down? How do we make our marketing viral?

Ownership is not for everyone and it is easy to feel….well, alone.

The Importance of Partnership

When I founded my first company at the age of 26, I hit every speed bump you could possibly think of, and then a couple more just for creativity points:

  • Revenues not on target.
  • Running out of cash.
  • Threatened lawsuits.
  • Firing a good friend.
  • Bankruptcy.
  • Then relaunching with no cash.
  • What am I forgetting…oh yeah, divorce.

I ultimately grew my company to the point of sale, but my journey could have been a lot smoother had I found a trusted partner.

Executive Matchmaking is a Calling

It was that gut wrenching, cortisol-juicing experience that developed a fixation in me to help other owners.

I know it is a sacred trust.

Any and every owner knows what I mean when I say sacred, and if you’ve never owned a company, you think this sounds dramatic or overstated. But it’s not.

It is sacred because it’s the way you put food on the table for your family and the families of all your employees. And it is the way you provide for every wonderful opportunity you make for everyone around you. It’s the reason you are their hero.

Wired for Challenge

You’ll often hear interim executives say “they’ve seen it all,” and it’s true.

As executives wired for challenge and change, most interims have crossed over many industries, company stages, and scenarios, They can take learnings from one experience and apply it to any company they jump into.

In building the RED Team – InterimExecs’ elite team of CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CIOs – it goes beyond a successful resume.

It is mindset. Values. The wiring of each executive.

It’s knowing that come hell or high water, they will do what is right and best for the company and owner(s).

Your Leadership Concierge

When talking to company owners, boards, and investors they often tell us that they are considering the best route for an interim executive search.

We aren’t just another pretty face, just another search firm.

In deploying executives through our Rapid Executive Deployment program, this is a partnership where we each bring our best game.

It’s not just bringing a warm body to fill a seat. This is full on leadership concierge service. That means thinking about every way we can help advance the business alongside the CEO, CFO, COO or other leader we deploy.

From brainstorming on new revenue streams for you to helping your marketing virality, we are in your corner.

Our motto is “Happy Execs, Happy Clients.”

We live it every day.

We get one shot today to deploy a resource, and once deployed, they’re off the table, gone from the market. So we can’t take our process lightly, and it puts a premium on working with serious owners who need to get things done.

Should we be in your corner – are we the right resource for you?

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About the Author

Robert Jordan

Robert Jordan is CEO of InterimExecs, matching organizations around the world with executives who specialize in growing and transforming companies. Jordan got his start in business by launching Online Access, the first magazine to cover the Internet, landing on the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing companies. After selling Online Access, Jordan took on interim CEO engagements and authored a book of interviews with 45 company founders who had created $63 billion in value from scratch, titled How They Did It: Billion Dollar Insights from the Heart of America. He is the publishing partner of Start With No (RandomHouse), a best-selling book on negotiation and is a graduate of the University of Michigan and the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.