Key Aspects of a Successful Supply Chain

A successful and effective supply chain works best for your company when every step in the process is properly performing, linked well, and communicating effectively. A good supply chain will be streamlined with every segment fully on board to execute their job without any snags and designed for improving the customer’s satisfaction while providing value.

Opening Communication
The first part of building a successful supply chain should begin with the customers themselves focused on a value stream end-to-end. A company with open communication channels will be much more in-tune with what the customers wants and needs. A company’s CRM process should be tracking all the important interfaces with Customers and highlight those communications from initial contact to product and service fulfillment.

Designing for a Need
A great product is actually more than just a want to a customer — it is a real need. Designing that great product with the customer in mind, and designing in great value that’s clear to the customer is crucial.

Research and development have more on their plate than just trying out a product idea. They have to determine if the product can be produced effectively, if the margin will meet the company’s targets and if the customer does, in fact, show a true need for the product.

Six Sigma Products
It is absolutely imperative that the sourcing, manufacturing and assembly teams are all on-board and have the capability to produce and supply a near-perfect product outcome (Six Stigma). Your team must have a culture in place of continuously improving every process day-to-day. A “Lean Six Sigma” mindset and capability has to be in place.

A Second Customer Link
While sales and marketing are the first direct link in this chain to the consumer, distribution is the final contact point before the product or service is out of your hands. The logistics and fulfillment arm of the business also needs to offer effective transporting that arrives on time.

Just like every other aspect of the Supply Chain, the fulfillment team personally represents the capabilities of the company. If they are late or sloppy, then your company will be seen in the same light.

Overall, The Supply Chain is a crucial aspect of an effective part of the business, make sure that process if driving continuous improvement.

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