RED Team Executives: On Call to Help Now

RED Team Executives: On Call to Help Now

Uncertainty is growing in the US with coronavirus cases mounting. California, Illinois, Michigan, and other states have taken serious actions with shelter-in-place orders, leaving many people wondering how this will impact them personally as well as their companies and the economy as a whole.

At the same time, we’re reflecting on how much there is to be grateful for, including the strong relationships we’ve built over 10+ years with inspiring leaders. These are women and men who focus their careers on running into the burning building – the company in trouble – learning fast, listening, assembling resources, providing fresh and objective insights, developing new plans and actions for survival and ultimately blueprints for a brighter future.

We recently convened a call with some RED Team execs who shared how they are adapting to new ways to work. Many executives shared experiences on the front lines figuring out how to help combat the virus and also help people work smarter and safer:

  • A top Interim CEO is working to get clearance on a digital telemedicine EKG device that you can self-administer at home to help remote medical staff diagnose cardiovascular problems
  • An expert food products COO is helping design a safer workspace for employees so they can continue to produce at record volume and avoid food shortages
  • An Interim CIO launched a smart meeting space, moving all clients to digital and leading sessions with high-def video and whiteboards
  • An Interim CEO is helping investors in a technology company to move forward with digitally enhanced offerings even as bank funding stalls

Those are just a few stories we are hearing, and they pale in comparison to reports of heroes in the healthcare field who continue to work with patients despite shortages in supplies and self-protection. Many RED Team members also shared how they are in touch with elderly relatives, family members, and neighbors, ensuring they are safe and taken care of.

This much we know: it’s times like these that we come together. In the past week we have talked with many business owners who are concerned about what’s to come. Some businesses have been quickly devastated, perhaps beyond repair.

We take solace having surrounded ourselves with great and kind minds. For owners and leaders of organizations who are wrestling with what to do in the midst of crisis, we are a resource. Members of InterimExecs RED Team are on call as a sounding board, whether you are trying to figure out how to adapt or pivot your business, creatively manage your financing, or anything else, please feel free to give us a call: (847) 849-2800.

Sending you and your families our best wishes for health, safety, and a return to prosperity.

Robert Jordan & Olivia Wagner
InterimExecs Founders

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller