The Case for Fractional Executives

The Case for Fractional Executives

It seems like every company owner dreams of achieving major traction in the marketplace. That fast track growth, however, often comes at a cost. Things get taped together. There’s no process to speak of. Systems? Ha. Things go missing, including clients and team members. Lack of resources means that even the crown jewel, the company’s ability to out-innovate, may be put on hold just to keep up.

When a company grows faster than the capabilities of the leadership team, the end result is often a splat: the company hits the wall.

Smart fast-growing companies are combatting this with fractional or part-time executives. In many cases this specialized top tier executive talent can reinvigorate an organization without coming with the cost of a permanent executive.

InterimExecs RED Team member, David Neafus, for example, is a fractional CFO working on everything from startups to turnarounds, IPOs to mergers, debt to equity financing. His experience raising $500M for clients and hitting home runs (Alnylam Pharma IPO; Stromedix sale for $500M; Glycofi sale for $400M), allows smaller companies to access the firepower of a big name CFO.

The fractional model means companies can rent out of piece of the executive’s time. This makes sense before a company has arrived, before the point when they need or can afford the full-time hire. With a focus on getting results, companies find that renting the rock star exec outweighs getting 100% of the time of a lesser light.

The fractional model goes beyond the CFO, extending to CMO, CIO and Chief Sales Officer expertise. Getting the right leadership team can be the make or break for high potential companies. To explore how a fractional or part-time executive can help, call us at 847-849-2800.