Top Signs You Need an Interim Executive

Top Signs You Need an Interim Executive

InterimExecs RED Team of top interim and part-time executives around the globe range in specialties from CEO to COO, CIO, CFO, CMO, and CSO. But, title is not the main focus. Interim executives are often project-based resources that can be pulled in alongside the current management team to carry out big projects, mentor someone internally, or assess how your business is doing and create a roadmap for the future.

If you meet the following criteria, we can probably help:

1) I’m looking to improve and grow my business

Is your business growing at the right pace?
 Are you taking advantages of all the opportunities you are presented with?
✓ Do you have a clear roadmap and strategy for the future?
✓ Are you executing on your strategic plan well?
✓ Is there a positive perception and awareness of your brand in the marketplace?
✓ Do you have clear view into your financials and your profitability?
✓ Are your operations maximized?
✓ Is technology fully enabling your business strategy?

If you answered no to any of those questions it might be reinforcing that an interim could be a resource. But, if you are looking to keep the status quo, InterimExecs probably is not be the best fit for you. As growth focused executives, an interim executive is driven by the challenge at hand. With incredible expertise providing interim management services building and growing companies across many different industries, they bring an outside perspective and start making an impact in your organization from the start.

2)  I don’t have the right internal resources (or they are too strapped for time) to hit our goals

Interim, part-time, and project-based executives add value by working with a client to help achieve goals and objectives. They take ownership of a project or initiative and are given the authority to make things happen within an organization. Whether an executive suddenly left, you are in the midst of crisis management, or a big project needs leadership (i.e. ERP implementation, re-brand, product launch, manufacturing facility improvement) interims can be an on-call resource.

Some organizations hire interim executives who can be on-site working in-person alongside the team. Others look for more flexible help from leaders like a virtual CIO or a remote temporary CFO. Interim, part-time, or temporary executives allow you to draw on specific expertise for the duration of the assignment. When the deliverables are achieved, you can rest assured that your team will be more empowered, receiving mentorship and clarity along the way.

3)  I’m looking for someone who is accountable for results

Interims don’t just consult or babysit. Their careers have been made on positive outcomes (otherwise who would call them again?). They approach your business from the perspective of the owner where your success is their success. An assignment typically begins with an operational roadmap to then set clear deliverables that the executive will be responsible for executing on.

4)  We need resources fast

This is not a drawn out executive search process that takes 6-9 months to find an executive. One minute an interim is available, and the next they are on assignment, so we provide interim executive search services for organizations looking for executive leadership in a matter of weeks or even days. An executive or team ranging from a part-time CEO to a temporary CFO to interim CIO support are on call and ready to be deployed.

How Can You Accomplish More with Interim Leadership?

The Rapid Executive Deployment™ Program begins with a conversation to assess where your company is at and to explore if a RED Team executive can best make your vision a reality.