How an Interim Chief Information Officer Transforms Good Companies to Great

All companies use information technology to some degree.

Great companies have CIO leadership on the management team to purposefully leverage information technologies in creative and sometimes disruptive ways – to grow business, produce faster than competition, enrich customer experiences, and make business transformation happen.

Many full-time CIOs dedicate their careers to one specific industry, and so their experience is vertically deep. Interim CIOs on the other hand, provide a unique perspective blending innovation and technology transformation across a variety of organizations and industries. They specialize in change, bringing an attractive depth-of-experience from a career of change management, while leveraging ever-evolving technologies. It is this change-leadership experience that is highly valuable to a proactive board or management team facing the challenge of business transformation, especially where information technologies are an enabling and differentiating factor.

Winning companies must out-innovate their competition and think about how to stay relevant in the years to come. Hence the move towards IoT (Internet of Things) where everything from your refrigerator to thermostat becomes connected and “smart”. Today’s expert Interim CIO is tasked with bringing strategic improvement to an organization, modernizing technology and systems, creating best-in-class strategy for the business, and levering technology to create incredible customer and user experiences.

Interim CIOs can be brought on in a fully dedicated role or in some cases work in a part-time or virtual capacity, scaling up or down according to the dynamic needs of the business. Often times, companies will achieve the full CIO capabilities they need for a fraction of the cost which is why the Interim concept is so attractive.

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